freethinker86 (freethinker86) wrote,

A different drummer.

Given the fact that I work strange hours and am home often others are either at work or out, and am working while other recreate, I elected to purchase an elctronic drum kit. I talked them down from eighteen hundred dollars to about fourtenn, which came to about fifteen hundred with tax. The guys at the music store were pretty cool about things, not like auto mechanics or dentists and such.

They actaually listened and weighed out my reasons, and threw in a "throne" which is drummer language for the stool you perch upon when playing. The instruction manual for the Roland TD-6V is an actual three ring binder. A Binder!  You can buy a computer, a stereo, and a functioning robot with les instructions.

I spent half the day wresting with patch cords only to discover the the guys at the store failed to include the power supply. A second trip was required, and this time the only throw in was a set of drum sticks.
One has to appreciate just how precise digital sound is to embrace the clarity and range of seemingly endless presets and effects programmed into module or "brain" of the kit.

During the summer I bike like crazy, and practice fighting sports and occasionally jog.  During the winter however, I do none of these things. With my style preferences being the likes of Bonham, Appice, Mick Tucker and such this will actually provide something of a cardio workout.
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