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After a brief interlude;

I have, for better or worse decided to renew the practice of journal keeping on line. I've been away for quite some time and I now have better ways of dividing my time to allow for subjecting the world to my rants and amusements.

Some interesting occurrences of late have included; being asked by one of the leaders of the occupy movement to speak to their group, agreeing and then in turn being viewed suspiciously by a few less intelligent of those leaders as being a narc. The first few times I politely shrugged off this absurd notion and continued on with my points. Unfortunately the people who invited me to speak had a matter to tend to and I was left with these misguided paranoid types who began to get a touch unruly.

I am someone who has spoken out against scientology on many occasions, the perils of big business, how to protect oneself against identity theft and some of the cautions about about using face book. Apparently, this means to some that I must be working for the Police.

The funny thing is I like the police, they have a tough job, band deal with a lot scum bags so you and I don't have to. They are part of the 99% and generally tend to be polite. I know there are lots of examples of the other kind, and I don't support them.

Of all the people in the grand tent however, I was likely the only whom had elbowed a motorcycle cop in the head hard enough to knock off his helmet. I was outnumbered in a fight , many years back and he grabbed me from behind. No wanting a fourth participant to aid the three others I spun and gave it everything I had, only to see the cop catch his helmet with left hand. "I'm SOORRY-EEEE" I blurted.

The cop himself was a nothing less than a Prince, he was educated, diplomatic and understood that I thought I was being additionally attacked. He listened to both sides used reason, and consideration and let us all go our own way.

That's right, he could have charged me with assaulting an officer and used reason to assess the situation instead of reacting emotionally like a good many might have.

While it may be a personal bias, for this reason, I Generally like the Police, more than not.

I don't always like everything they do, but ask yourself how many you have done something you'd have preferred not to in your job.

Well, After the fifth reference from the imbeciles at the back rambling on about infiltration, and not knowing why they were being infiltrated, I grew a little short fused, and seeing as I was not in a board room, and there were no Police present, (unless you side with my detractors and include me)

I was little bit rude. I said to the leader of the four suspicious ones, "Well, if you really want to know if someone is an infiltrator, you should confront them. So If you and I go outside this tent and you accused me, and I beat the snot out of you as a result of this, I have a question, who will you go running to, but these Police that you hate?"


After this things went decidedly better but I was frustrated with the lack of focus and direction among this particular group. There were only a few really bright people with good ideas to share and mostly some malcontents just there to complain about life.

About a week later the weather and/or the city convinced them to leave.

I realize the occupy movements were handled better in most places, but I am not hearing as much about them now. Instead, I am hearing lots about the group anonymous.

I have to admit that I loved the film the V for Vendetta, and after it was out for awhile I was disappointed that the public seemed to draw so little from the obvious comparisons to our current societies.

That said, I never dreamed that SOPA and PIPA and even the scientologists would have evoked such a huge reaction. I have seen some pretty extreme propaganda attempting to convince people that Anonymous is just a group of criminal sympathizers or cybercriminals.

I don't believe that. I believe as in any large group there will be level headedness and extremist.
They will try to awkwardly coexist and likely end up getting in much more trouble than they deserve.

Before we dismiss them as radicals or extremists, it is important to recognize the difference between extremist and those who reconsider their actions and even back off at times like they did with Sony.

While speaking to the Occupy people, I suggested a model that ten people were on an Island and two of them were dying and another two were sick, and one person had half the Island, half the food, half the water and half the medicine, and stood idly by, that most people would feel a moral impetus to have a conversation with the one holding the goods.

A conversation, that is all I suggest. When I bring this point up to my friends I right wing side of the political spectrum, I am frequently greeted with responses they have worked hard for what they have and they don't want to have it taxed away form them and just given to the poor who will misuse it.

This is a reasonable opinion, it's just that no one wants to take form the people who are over the poverty level and those aspiring to become wealthier tend to side with the one % even though they are millions and billions of dollars below that income level. The people with nice cars and garages think the left is coming for them in lynch mobs and nobody is interested in them, and it is hard to affront egos in explaining this at times.

conversely, the left has to do a better job of appeasing the right without coming across like they just made a shopping list of all their havenots, and want the world to solve all their problems.

I realize neutral opinions are rarely welcome on issues such as these, but consider this, If you have been left blleding in a ditch and someone gave you a ride to a hospital, -technically breaking the law in many places, would you pause and ask them which side of the political spectrum they tend to vote on?

This brings me back to anonymous, I do not know enough about them to determine if they are really good or not, but I do know this, our collective global governments have held their own self interests ahead of protecting the rights of their peoples in almost ALL countries for decades.

Pretty soon it will be against the law to even speak this way if no one challenges them.

right now It looks like nobody wants to do the dirty job of even TRYING to hold the government or large multinational corporations to do the right things more often than not.

They have lawyers, the military, The ever changing criminal and penal codes. The question has long been asked, "Who watches the watchers?"

Up until recently, It sure seems like no one has been watching them closely enough.
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