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Drumming Journal -day whatever

 When I began this I had something of a flukeartist's knack for doing "fills" the part the drummer plays between notes or when there are gaps that need drumming up.  I had no sense of pace or counting or meter but I could nail down some pretty impressive fills. Some I'd heard other drummers paly and some of my own, but more and more as I learn about half notes and sixteenth notes playing all of those in between parts I knew nothing of, I feel like a moment of showing off on a fill will break my concetration and my rhythm and find myself cheating on the fills, either shortening them to get back to the beat, or playing less complicated fills that won't tire me as quickly. Both of these practices are terrible habits to develop and I MUST correct this strong urge early on, or I am convinced it'll come back and leave a bite so deep It'll ruin  everything I am trying to accomplish. More discipline is on order!
      I must also quit setting myself up for failure by constatnly trying to learn the hardest examples in music first. True, the simple stuff bores me quickly, but the repititious material is necessary as are the mind numbingly rudimentary exercises that lead to the more difficult ones. I've never liked senseless repetition in anything and in drumming there's oodles of it. 
 The pleasure in music; I was convinced that drumming along with my favourite music would make me enjoy it even more than before. This is an unlikely view as I am already a complete and unapologetic audiophile. 
 The result has been two-fold, as some numbers have been a thrill to ride along with and others have represented a sense of being unable to compete, and a source of almost headache inducing difficulty. I know I should start with easier material but I just get the same satisfaction or even anyhting resembling a sense of accomplishment from playing "Simple Simon" material.  

 I am struggling with the walk before I can run ideology. Man I just want to run all the way to the point where Jeff Beck is calling me to jam with me. Long way to go!
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