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Humbling lessons on the kit

I am absolutely beside myself in shock with how much math and counting timing and multi tasking goes into drumming.I have sung publicly a few times and know a good deal of musicians. I haev playfully ribbed a few with jokes like, "what do you call a guy with long hair who likes to hang out with musicians?"

Answer; A Drummer!

Surprisinngly, none of them tried to beat my head in, and often laughed and had cheeky comebakcs of thier own and only laughter and good times followed.  I like many people view musicians in somehting of a stereotyped light.

I know, Stereotypes are the devil's handiwork, but that in itself is an unfair stereotyping of those who enjoy stereotyping so just back the fuck off with all the politically correct new false religion, shaped in your head by the media BS, and let's get back to a wonderfully honest and highly judgemental bit of editorial here.

Imagine if you would for a moment a really vane guy who fusses over his forehead mop too much, suffers from some cheap insecuries manifesting themselves as a poorman's messiah copmplex as they are the only true music afficianado, tries to act deeper and more sensitive than he is, but whose true primary interests are in getting laid by lots of young chicas and getting stoned on most anything you put in front of him. Should we not in servitude the soon to be politically correct laws of our inane times add him or her. This is a conundrum because slamming males and musicains in print neevr causes much ire but if we are going to get equal about things danger lurks, read on if you dare. 

Now I am such suggesting for a second that any REAL musician could be strung together in this way
But there does seem to be a touch of an image problem this way even iif most are immediately forgiving if the musicain has the slightest glimpse of success on his resume, exponentially proportionate to monstronsity of delusional ego should such success be noticed by the general public. This condition strangely can worsen without acknowledgement as well.

All of this hyperbole aside, I dove into some classic rock and began drumminfg without the aid of cocaine or heroine aor whatever was considered proper social etiquette at the time, and I must proclaim, that this style of drumming is IMMENSELY more complex and involved than one is likely to ever suspect.

Many of these percieved waste cases, Keith Moon driving his Rolls into the water repeatedly, Neal Smith(of Alice cooper fame) walking the streets of New York in Drag before it would have been tolerated, John Bonham drinking himself to death at a party commemorating the death of Buddy Holly.

I can plainly tell you these guys were nothing less than mathematically brilliant and as inventive and creative as Van Gogh, Rembrandt or Gaughuin were in their heyday.

Their material is extraordinarily difficult to master and requires as much focus and concentration as that of any athlete. No less.

Obvious to those who've done it, but well worth exploring if you haven't.

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