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 When I began this I had something of a flukeartist's knack for doing "fills" the part the drummer plays between notes or when there are gaps that need drumming up.  I had no sense of pace or counting or meter but I could nail down some pretty impressive fills. Some I'd heard other drummers paly and some of my own, but more and more as I learn about half notes and sixteenth notes playing all of those in between parts I knew nothing of, I feel like a moment of showing off on a fill will break my concetration and my rhythm and find myself cheating on the fills, either shortening them to get back to the beat, or playing less complicated fills that won't tire me as quickly. Both of these practices are terrible habits to develop and I MUST correct this strong urge early on, or I am convinced it'll come back and leave a bite so deep It'll ruin  everything I am trying to accomplish. More discipline is on order!
      I must also quit setting myself up for failure by constatnly trying to learn the hardest examples in music first. True, the simple stuff bores me quickly, but the repititious material is necessary as are the mind numbingly rudimentary exercises that lead to the more difficult ones. I've never liked senseless repetition in anything and in drumming there's oodles of it. 
 The pleasure in music; I was convinced that drumming along with my favourite music would make me enjoy it even more than before. This is an unlikely view as I am already a complete and unapologetic audiophile. 
 The result has been two-fold, as some numbers have been a thrill to ride along with and others have represented a sense of being unable to compete, and a source of almost headache inducing difficulty. I know I should start with easier material but I just get the same satisfaction or even anyhting resembling a sense of accomplishment from playing "Simple Simon" material.  

 I am struggling with the walk before I can run ideology. Man I just want to run all the way to the point where Jeff Beck is calling me to jam with me. Long way to go!
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A penguinesque post mortem

It's been a few days since the upstart Philadelphia Flyers embarrassed the Pittsburgh penguins by bouncing them out of the first round of the Stanley cup playoffs and while most are likely either bemoaning the temperature of the angst ridden waters that accompany the bitter taste of humiliation and failure, or are beaming with pride. There are few scenarios that can rival the vicarious emotional roller coaster of watching a favourite team pitted against a hated rival that truly deserves it's loathing.

There was ample criticism of both clubs as the post season approached as most rubbed their hands with glee as it became obvious that the Pittsburgh Penguins would face their state rivals; The notorious Philadelphia flyers. Two storied frachises with a long history both shared, fought over, gloated over, and verbally sparred over, would once again be granted the chance to have at it best of seven style.

The Penguins owner was a superstar who retired once after losing a playoff series to the flyers. SuperMario as he was known as possibly the greatest stickhandler ever begrudgingly passed the torch to Eric Lindros advising him to stay out of the box.
Lindros himself was a superstar with his own episodes of succes and failure, knew more than a little about hype and expectations as he faced as much as the Penguins modern era superstar Sydney Crosby does now.

The media annointed Lindros the next greatest thing before he was ready much the way they have programmed the public into believing that Sydney is greatest hockey player around. Could anyone possibly measure up to the absurd hype the media adamlantly insisted these players were worthy of?

 Eric came close, he won the MVP but no cup and therefore little glory. Sydney has his cup rings but in earning them at such a young age the expectations due to some frothing at the mouth television announcers have crossed over into the obscene. They have falsely painted Crosby as the best player in the league, many suggesting he is the best to ever play the game.

Better than Mario, better than Gretzky, Howe, Orr, and all of those that came before. Those that played when defensemen among others were ALLOWED to concuss players regularly. Those players frequently still outscored any modern day players. Gretzky's 92 goals and Mario's 86 have to be witnessed to be believed. The media however is counting on the fact that many young viewers will not have seen much of these players and accept it at face value when told Crosby can walk through walls and leap tall buildings.

None of this is to bash Sydney Crosby, he is a very good hockey player, but he has been as oversold as Eric Lindros was and at least Eric fought his own battles consistently and perhaps sometimes gleefully. The truth is neither of these two are deserving of the turncoat mentatlity of the media when they didn't measure up to the manufactured expectatiions thrust upon them.

Crosby in particular has been held to standards he can never possibly meet. No matter what he does it will never be enough. He scored eight points in six playoff games, which is a fine result for anyone, and people asked if he was healthy even after his coach asserted he played better in the playoffs than during the season. This kind of irrational excuse making is a direct result of the media trying to deify a hockey player.

Like deciples praising the miracles of a prophet the media has tried to inspire the belief Crosby has magic like powers to overwhelm all opponents. I've got news folks, it's a real game, played with real competitive professionals and no one can win all the time. 

More like rats deserting a sinking ship because Crosby's team got schooled by the flyers, rather than admit they were wrong, rather than give any credit to the Flyers,  they will instead point to the exceptional sereis by Claude Giroux and his 14 points in six games, and claim that HE is the new Crosby and for the love of hockey let's hope he says "No I'm not".
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Humbling lessons on the kit

I am absolutely beside myself in shock with how much math and counting timing and multi tasking goes into drumming.I have sung publicly a few times and know a good deal of musicians. I haev playfully ribbed a few with jokes like, "what do you call a guy with long hair who likes to hang out with musicians?"

Answer; A Drummer!

Surprisinngly, none of them tried to beat my head in, and often laughed and had cheeky comebakcs of thier own and only laughter and good times followed.  I like many people view musicians in somehting of a stereotyped light.

I know, Stereotypes are the devil's handiwork, but that in itself is an unfair stereotyping of those who enjoy stereotyping so just back the fuck off with all the politically correct new false religion, shaped in your head by the media BS, and let's get back to a wonderfully honest and highly judgemental bit of editorial here.

Imagine if you would for a moment a really vane guy who fusses over his forehead mop too much, suffers from some cheap insecuries manifesting themselves as a poorman's messiah copmplex as they are the only true music afficianado, tries to act deeper and more sensitive than he is, but whose true primary interests are in getting laid by lots of young chicas and getting stoned on most anything you put in front of him. Should we not in servitude the soon to be politically correct laws of our inane times add him or her. This is a conundrum because slamming males and musicains in print neevr causes much ire but if we are going to get equal about things danger lurks, read on if you dare. 

Now I am such suggesting for a second that any REAL musician could be strung together in this way
But there does seem to be a touch of an image problem this way even iif most are immediately forgiving if the musicain has the slightest glimpse of success on his resume, exponentially proportionate to monstronsity of delusional ego should such success be noticed by the general public. This condition strangely can worsen without acknowledgement as well.

All of this hyperbole aside, I dove into some classic rock and began drumminfg without the aid of cocaine or heroine aor whatever was considered proper social etiquette at the time, and I must proclaim, that this style of drumming is IMMENSELY more complex and involved than one is likely to ever suspect.

Many of these percieved waste cases, Keith Moon driving his Rolls into the water repeatedly, Neal Smith(of Alice cooper fame) walking the streets of New York in Drag before it would have been tolerated, John Bonham drinking himself to death at a party commemorating the death of Buddy Holly.

I can plainly tell you these guys were nothing less than mathematically brilliant and as inventive and creative as Van Gogh, Rembrandt or Gaughuin were in their heyday.

Their material is extraordinarily difficult to master and requires as much focus and concentration as that of any athlete. No less.

Obvious to those who've done it, but well worth exploring if you haven't.

A different drummer.

Given the fact that I work strange hours and am home often others are either at work or out, and am working while other recreate, I elected to purchase an elctronic drum kit. I talked them down from eighteen hundred dollars to about fourtenn, which came to about fifteen hundred with tax. The guys at the music store were pretty cool about things, not like auto mechanics or dentists and such.

They actaually listened and weighed out my reasons, and threw in a "throne" which is drummer language for the stool you perch upon when playing. The instruction manual for the Roland TD-6V is an actual three ring binder. A Binder!  You can buy a computer, a stereo, and a functioning robot with les instructions.

I spent half the day wresting with patch cords only to discover the the guys at the store failed to include the power supply. A second trip was required, and this time the only throw in was a set of drum sticks.
One has to appreciate just how precise digital sound is to embrace the clarity and range of seemingly endless presets and effects programmed into module or "brain" of the kit.

During the summer I bike like crazy, and practice fighting sports and occasionally jog.  During the winter however, I do none of these things. With my style preferences being the likes of Bonham, Appice, Mick Tucker and such this will actually provide something of a cardio workout.

After a brief interlude;

I have, for better or worse decided to renew the practice of journal keeping on line. I've been away for quite some time and I now have better ways of dividing my time to allow for subjecting the world to my rants and amusements.

Some interesting occurrences of late have included; being asked by one of the leaders of the occupy movement to speak to their group, agreeing and then in turn being viewed suspiciously by a few less intelligent of those leaders as being a narc. The first few times I politely shrugged off this absurd notion and continued on with my points. Unfortunately the people who invited me to speak had a matter to tend to and I was left with these misguided paranoid types who began to get a touch unruly.

I am someone who has spoken out against scientology on many occasions, the perils of big business, how to protect oneself against identity theft and some of the cautions about about using face book. Apparently, this means to some that I must be working for the Police.

The funny thing is I like the police, they have a tough job, band deal with a lot scum bags so you and I don't have to. They are part of the 99% and generally tend to be polite. I know there are lots of examples of the other kind, and I don't support them.

Of all the people in the grand tent however, I was likely the only whom had elbowed a motorcycle cop in the head hard enough to knock off his helmet. I was outnumbered in a fight , many years back and he grabbed me from behind. No wanting a fourth participant to aid the three others I spun and gave it everything I had, only to see the cop catch his helmet with left hand. "I'm SOORRY-EEEE" I blurted.

The cop himself was a nothing less than a Prince, he was educated, diplomatic and understood that I thought I was being additionally attacked. He listened to both sides used reason, and consideration and let us all go our own way.

That's right, he could have charged me with assaulting an officer and used reason to assess the situation instead of reacting emotionally like a good many might have.

While it may be a personal bias, for this reason, I Generally like the Police, more than not.

I don't always like everything they do, but ask yourself how many you have done something you'd have preferred not to in your job.

Well, After the fifth reference from the imbeciles at the back rambling on about infiltration, and not knowing why they were being infiltrated, I grew a little short fused, and seeing as I was not in a board room, and there were no Police present, (unless you side with my detractors and include me)

I was little bit rude. I said to the leader of the four suspicious ones, "Well, if you really want to know if someone is an infiltrator, you should confront them. So If you and I go outside this tent and you accused me, and I beat the snot out of you as a result of this, I have a question, who will you go running to, but these Police that you hate?"


After this things went decidedly better but I was frustrated with the lack of focus and direction among this particular group. There were only a few really bright people with good ideas to share and mostly some malcontents just there to complain about life.

About a week later the weather and/or the city convinced them to leave.

I realize the occupy movements were handled better in most places, but I am not hearing as much about them now. Instead, I am hearing lots about the group anonymous.

I have to admit that I loved the film the V for Vendetta, and after it was out for awhile I was disappointed that the public seemed to draw so little from the obvious comparisons to our current societies.

That said, I never dreamed that SOPA and PIPA and even the scientologists would have evoked such a huge reaction. I have seen some pretty extreme propaganda attempting to convince people that Anonymous is just a group of criminal sympathizers or cybercriminals.

I don't believe that. I believe as in any large group there will be level headedness and extremist.
They will try to awkwardly coexist and likely end up getting in much more trouble than they deserve.

Before we dismiss them as radicals or extremists, it is important to recognize the difference between extremist and those who reconsider their actions and even back off at times like they did with Sony.

While speaking to the Occupy people, I suggested a model that ten people were on an Island and two of them were dying and another two were sick, and one person had half the Island, half the food, half the water and half the medicine, and stood idly by, that most people would feel a moral impetus to have a conversation with the one holding the goods.

A conversation, that is all I suggest. When I bring this point up to my friends I right wing side of the political spectrum, I am frequently greeted with responses they have worked hard for what they have and they don't want to have it taxed away form them and just given to the poor who will misuse it.

This is a reasonable opinion, it's just that no one wants to take form the people who are over the poverty level and those aspiring to become wealthier tend to side with the one % even though they are millions and billions of dollars below that income level. The people with nice cars and garages think the left is coming for them in lynch mobs and nobody is interested in them, and it is hard to affront egos in explaining this at times.

conversely, the left has to do a better job of appeasing the right without coming across like they just made a shopping list of all their havenots, and want the world to solve all their problems.

I realize neutral opinions are rarely welcome on issues such as these, but consider this, If you have been left blleding in a ditch and someone gave you a ride to a hospital, -technically breaking the law in many places, would you pause and ask them which side of the political spectrum they tend to vote on?

This brings me back to anonymous, I do not know enough about them to determine if they are really good or not, but I do know this, our collective global governments have held their own self interests ahead of protecting the rights of their peoples in almost ALL countries for decades.

Pretty soon it will be against the law to even speak this way if no one challenges them.

right now It looks like nobody wants to do the dirty job of even TRYING to hold the government or large multinational corporations to do the right things more often than not.

They have lawyers, the military, The ever changing criminal and penal codes. The question has long been asked, "Who watches the watchers?"

Up until recently, It sure seems like no one has been watching them closely enough.
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